Wat betreft Melting ice changes melting pot of humanity?



Why this blog? I hope curious world citizens, women or men, find this compilation of some keywords and parts of sentences on a very important item. And perhaps will translate my other today/yesterday’s weblog on this item. These days a couple of publications show changes of Arctic ice in the near future,

and the impact on parts of our world.


Article titled Arctic summer could be ice-free by 2040
Updated: 5:42 p.m. ET Dec. 11, 2006The December 12 2006 issue of Geophysical Research Letters has results of research how the Arctic Sea will be ice-free in September 2040. Winter ice now is 12 feet thick and in that year will become 3 feet thick. Implications for the regio are dramatic, says scientist Holland. Study lead author is scientist Marika Holland, from U.S. National Center for Atmospheric  Research (NCAR). Rapid losses of sea ice surprise researchers who ran simulations on supercomputers.


Article titled Arctic may be ice-free by summer 2040 – study – Reuters – Updated: 5:14 p.m. ET Dec. 11, 2006
adds: Around 2040 with unchanged build up of greenhouse gases
the Arctic ice cover will abruptly retreat as the ocean around the Northpole warms up.

The study indicated that if greenhouse gases continue to build up at the current rate, the Arctic’s future ice cover will go through periods of relative stability, followed by abrupt retreat as the Arctic Ocean warms. Thickness of the rest will fall from 3.7 metres to 1 metre.


Article titled Arctic ice may all melt in summer by 2040 – study – By Adam Tanner – Updated: 6:53 p.m. ET Dec. 11, 2006 adds implications:
Huge impact on environment, sea life as fish, surface life as Q wildlife, weather, crops, shipping, shipping routes, commerce, strategy, coast guard, oil spill, defenses of countries that will
use the Arctic Sea. Scientist Mark Serreze from the National
Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado sees an "ugly head" in the predicted outcome.


Article titled ‘State of the Arctic’ report sees warming at work;
federal agency releases work by 20 international scientists. Updated: 10:09 a.m. ET Nov.17,2006 – Associated Press gives ample information, and gives also the URL of the report:

You’ll find other links to this subject on the same site, sometimes leading to other links, in one of them I read: "geostrategic issues," mentions chairman Mead Treadwell, of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission in Anchorage, Alaska.

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And from me –
I add to this information: 

Melting of ice from the Southpole and Northpole regions and all icy mountains on the whole planet rises all oceans.

In my Dutch weblog from today/yesterday I say there are
dangers for The Netherlands and other low countries, inhabitants have to migrate to hills in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

When the oceans become deeper, meaning higher, there will be the 
possibility of a tsunami on the East-coast of North America, by the collaps of the isles in the Canarian Archipel that balances on a very small base and can be pushed up by the higher ocean-water.
Water is heavier than ice. Around the equator heaps of more water influences gravity of that part of our pear-shaped world.


Some day in the future the same will happen as several millions years ago, The Netherlands will have palm beaches in a tropic surrounding, Mexico will harbour the South Pole, the Gobi-desert  in China becomes a new Arctic North Pole. So I think:
I t  C o u l d  H a p p e n  T o  U s,  
    L e t’s  N o t  P l a y  W i t h  G r a v i t y.

Far more information you find via searchmachines, but lots of time you find articles that are short-sighted.

More information, speculations and real possibilities are written in my Dutch weblog of today/yesterday.
[Of course that Dutch text needs translation, I’m afraid. I am in no position to do this, my knowledge of a couple of English words is not enough heheh. So I hope one of you readers will translate and publicize on weblog or other system.]
[ 11 nov & 14 dec 2009: some editing done]

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