Last weekend

What did I do last weekend?
Forget about things like read E-mail/Comment (Dutch: Reactie)/GB-message, kiss, caress, and talk, enjoy tee vee, cater myself, sleep, take naps after brunch and dinner, these is everyday stuff.
One of the things: reading a Reaction on one of my blogitems, leading to: OMG, this is too difficult now; maybe I’ll do that Monday afternoon.
The greatest part of Satur- and Sunday I worked on our spare car, named ‘deuxième’, in fact a moped in the form of a 100 cm small car for my physically handicapped dearest wife. On my: you can see the brother of ‘deuxième’, same colour, the picture shows the one we use regularly. This "’t Toetertje" needs a big service at a dealer, so we will miss him a week or some more days.
Two years ago this car came back from a service of the dealer with a failure: it hopped when we started to drive away, and could not drive slow enough. I took not the time to work on it. Before this service we had asked the dealer to work on this problem in the service, they did, but not good enough. So:
– I had to find the place where the pilot screw is situated on the carburettor. For this I had to lie down a couple (14? 20?) of times to search with a torch and a dentist mirror in the very tiny space between carburettor and the inside of the body. I found a screw, but later on I learned I also need to know the place where the throttle screw is. So there is more work to do.
– I made a hole in the body to give me the chance to use a screwdriver to adjust the screw I found, and noted the position of the groove of this screw (see ‘short memory’).
– (Still there?) I tried to understand the function and tuning of the mentioned screws in some papers I downloaded from a forum, in an owner’s manual and finally I found there must be two places of screws that need retuning. I still have not found the place of the other screw (typing this blog takes time also, I don’t know how to proceed to tune for better behaviour of the carburettor. Better, because up till now the car drives away with a kangaroo hop when one of us only presses the gas pedal 0.1 millimetres. There is no clutch, it works automatic.
– As my beloved regularly wants to go shopping and other things, and has to move at a footpace in the shopping centre or on other footpaths, it is necessary to drill the car.
– There is more to tell, for instance: I have a very weak short memory so I have to note down every new discovery in this process.
I am quite sure you didn’t really want to know all these things (there’s more – o yes – still there’s more) and I only made this story because sometimes I behave masochist –  n ó w   for instance. Sometimes being a masochist occasionally feels good some times, and a few times bad, is my experience.
Hugs and kisses – Niek

Een Reactie op “Last weekend

  1. Gheh,gheh..mooi blog Niek..maarre..heb jij geen garantie op een nakijk-beurt??..check eens je verzekering!!..het kan toch goddomme(oeps) niet zo zijn,dat JIJ de auto moet nakijken,als hij bij de garage is geweest??..vind het te zot voor woorden,hoor..zeker in het geval van jouw wuveke,die zooo afhankelijk is van haar toetoetje..ik mag dit soort bloggies wel,hihihi..zoals jij het beschrijft..kan alleen jij..Diaan en ik hebben vanmiddag weer met een glimlach jouw reactie gelezen in haar gbtje,hihihi…ik heb je geen fijn weekend gewenst..had problemen met mijn space..kon er 2 dagen overdag niet op komen,grrrrrr..MSN!!!!..fijne avond verder,Niek!!! liefs,Caro.