Veilig vliegen

( Terrorist-Proof Airlines)

We at TPA, Terrorist-Proof Airline, are in the flying business where we can absolutely guarantee no WALK-ON GUNS, KNIVES, BOX CUTTERS, SHOE-BOMBS or other weapons will ever be carried onto OUR FLIGHTS! Book your next flight with TPA, the safest airline in the industry.


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  1. Hi there Niek, I need your help. I dont know if you know the music of parrish and toppano, but if you do. I am kinda wondering if you have the song called cello from the album, the royal falcon. And if you do, please will you send it to me via msn messenger. My addy is so you can add me to your messenger if you want hehe. I cant believe I just did that. But I searched high and low for the royal falcon\’s music but didnt find any. I guess I will have to order the cd. But in the mean time, if you know or maybe have the song. Add me, and even if you dont, still add me, hehe. I love the airlines by the way. Maybe thats what I will fly next time lolLoveYolanda

  2. (smile)vrolijke groet

  3. Hahahaaaaaaaaaa,ik haddum al eerder gezien,maar hij blijft leuk!!!.Een fijn weekend Niek!!!!!,liefs,Caro.

  4. Hey Niek, well I was out most of the day today, but hopefully we will talk soon. I am so excited about my new parrish and toppano I can hardly wait. LoveYolanda

  5. I thought I would let you know I am still waiting for my cd. Im normally a very patient person, but I can hardly wait for the day I open the cd tray. I am all pins and needles, waiting, watching, loning to hear the sweet sounds of parrish and toppano in my home. I love every song on the royal falcon cd. Well I just thought I would let you know.*hugs* From Down Under

  6. I spoke to your wife on msn hehe I thought it was you. And I didnt understand what she said, but I hope my dutch came out ok. You know I think Im gonna kiss the post man when He delivers my cd hehehe. But that will take awhile coz we had problems in australia with all the stuff coming in, so I guess its gonna be awhile. Hugs to you and your wifeYolanda

  7. Abdulhameed

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