Focus on Inner Soul ?


Daedelus, father of  Icarus, carefree flies high in the sky on an oil-on-wood painting of the museum "Van Buuren", Brussels, Belgium. (Family-)Members of the school of Pieter Bruegel painted versions of his famous "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus". Around 1600 he pictures a story of Roman poet Ovidius [Ovid] written around the year zero. Daedelus flies on a pair of wings made from feathers and rope with wax, to escape with his son from the isle of Crete. On the painting his son Icarus, crashes into the sea, he flew to high… . I think Daedelus is not that carefree, I think he cries.

In the near future – it’s march 19th 2011 now – I’ll show here the painting as well. Not really clever to forget that moment before Icarus goes to high.


I took Daedelus flying, out of the painting, into a landscape of hills, mountains. This image in blue is from the school of Bill Gates. His Microsoft gave it to me in "Examples of Images" in his Windows XP Home. Ages, yes era’s come together in this image. I name it "Daedelus in blue". The story belongs to myths and legends, let’s say today the Icarus-drama is 3500 years old.



Dear Amina,
After reading for a second time your report I have a suggestion. I better explain it on my own Space, ‘cause in guestbook or Space Comment it will take to much room. So, again here on my Space: After reading again your report I have a suggestion, not more than "give it a try". We have a lot in common in our religions, I understand you know about the phenomenon that when two of more people are gathered, in a church, a mosque or whatever, we believe our Creator also is there. And this happens even in the corner of a room, even sitting on a bench near a river or some other lively part of nature, even sitting together under a tree in misty environs .

I don’t know whether yóú know about a system that’s called "Focusing". It works like this: You relax, you sit in silence, you open your inner self – not by the act of willing to open up, but by letting come up your inner feelings=knowledge=fysical movements on their own way. The whole of this three parts, that in reality is one ‘system’ in its self, is in your inner self.
There has to be a better word for ‘system’, but I don’t find it [loll]. … .
In the beginning you don’t feel it, you don’t know about it, you don’t experience it bodily. You sit still, you wait, and very very slow you feel, know, experience, something is coming up in your conscious being.

And Plop, Freeze, Remember this very moment what is happening to you! Nearly unvisible there is a word, a picture, grading up to be a bit more visible. Remember what came up.

Now wait until the other person(s) give(s) the signal she, he or they is/are ready with the same process you did. (For instance you agreed to lift a finger as that signal).
. . .  "What’s this all about?" . . .
<<<Well, before sitting down you had a thought about something in your life, a problem, a happiness or whatever. Now there is a kind of answer.>>>

The word or the picture that came up is your ‘system’s answer. You talk about it with your partner(s). Things will be clearer to you after a while when you are still sitting and talking, or later when you walk home, when you fall asleep after the things you have done the rest of the day, or when you awake after your sleep.

There is a big chance your ‘system’ points you to a real other way then seems logic, or feels unfamiliair to your feelings. Trust it, this outcome will be working in you. You do the same next week with the same or other partner(s), and in a couple of weeks you feel a growth in ourself: a confidence in your inner root of your inner self. 25 years ago these were my experiences when I did this way of reaching my deepest inner. To free myself from unhealthy or even deadly bonds, where I thought I was a loving person. To bend back twisted thoughts, feelings and bodylanguage.
. . . "What is twisted Love?". . .
<<<Good question, you’ll find out>>>

I stumble a bit in this English language, like I stumbled for years in my life, and do so up till tomorrow I’m afraid, hahah. So perhaps you better read a book about this "way". In that time I had a book about it, but I must say:  it is not the book, it’s just the doing. I can’t find quick enough this book in my old junk, so I searched on the web: In the Western world the main book is:
Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D., Focusing, 1978, Bantam book nr. 23125 and of course the following reprints and updates. I feel quite sure publications like that are in branches of religion the world all over, therapeutic work, philosophies. Perhaps you need an introduction, one to three lessons to find the way to Focus. You’ll find a course when you search for it.

Peace and Love, hug from Niek


Update 5 oct 01:55: added one l, in explain. hahah.



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  1. thanx .. i am copy pasting this part on my blog .. hope u dont mind anythin just tell me and i will pull it down..Thanking u .. God bless u

  2. Niek how wonderful your soul. I thank my lucky start for meeting a person like you here on msn spaces. I never thought in my wildest dreams my blog friends would become such a big part of me. You have a wonderful day and you are in my thoughts.LoveYolanda

  3. Hey Nick :from what you wrote i feel you have a kind heart and a good, my liberty fasinates you, eh?hahaahaaaa..:-)well…i choose to let God judge menot man^^

  4. please come to my space as often as you likeyour comments shall always be much friend,d~

  5. hey Niek :my brain is mine as much as yours belong to you, silly :p^^ all wOrds mean wOtever you deem it, to mean…Peace and Love,d~______Hi Dawn- Nice entry. But! – I didn\’t give you Brain, did I?- What means ^^?- Bit of a puzzle (no no, not puddle): 9 last words of your C 051005 17:23. Do you mean the same as another motto of me: Guilt doesn\’t exist? Sistaaaaaaah! {}{}{}{}{}{}{}!Greetz – peacewishes – take care and Hugg from Niek Published By Niek from tulipcountry ( – October 06 10:45 PM

  6. Niek!!!!wat ur speakin about is meditation rioght .. i havebeen practicing it since i was very young .. i dunnoo wat i have for me .. nothing helps me … But im soo happy to see your comcern for me .. i never get answers .. never !!!Takecare bc i care

  7. Tulipsi like^^one quick question , Niek :you are persistent aboutwOt ???________________Hi DawnNice Comment: I agree yours is yours and mine is mine.About herbs: I am from Amsterdam ha!9 last words: (low voice) I am persistentPeace and Love from Niek

  8. hey Niek :i understand^^____When you go to sleep, one thing should remain in the consciousnesswhile you are falling into sleep– that everything is a dream, everything :unconditionally, is a dream.That which you see with your eyes open– that too, is a dream.That which you see with your eyes closed– that too, is a dream.Dream is the stuff life is made of. So with this climate fall into sleep; with this constant remembrance that everything is a dream, there is noth-ing to worry about.That whole concept maya— that the world is illusory.Not that the world is illusionary—it has its own reality—but this is just a technique to help you settle deeply into yourself. Then noth-ing disturbs you. If everything is a dream, then it is pointless to bedisturbed. Just think, if this moment you think that everything isa dream—that the trees, the night, the sound of the night is a dream— suddendly you are transported into a different world. you are there, the dream is there, and nothing is worrying about.try, starting tonight.. just fall into sleep with this attitude. And in the morning too, the first thing we have to remember is that perhaps everything is a dream. If this recurs many times in the day… :psuddenly you will feel relaxed

  9. PEACEi like"Love one another and we will be happy"It\’s as simple and difficult as that.there is no other way.

  10. hahaahaaaa..:-)again , my friendi say to you :~maya~i have no English wordexisit or noup to you Published By dawnO_1982 ( – October 08 2:50 AM So, Hi DawnA quicky, answer to your Comment 051007 19:53 (my time): About getting answer on my question. I explain:I asked (see below ***) a quetion about 9 last words of your Comment 051005 17:23 (my time). Oh, how I hoped to get a "yes" from you when I put my question to you…. "What do you mean silly man?" …< OK, I repeat my question, as you quoted it in your Comment 051006 16:55 (my time):>*** "Do you mean the same as another motto of me: Guilt doesn\’t exist?"Please! – Zugabe/encore/bis bis. – … "Really, this man is crazy" …Niek greets you in peace. Published By Niek sees no GB ( – October 08 2:41 AM

  11. dont worry so muchInsanity rAwks, i say

  12. I confess sometimes my inner soul scares me. It can be really dark in there at the best of times.LoveYolanda

  13. Natasja Tamara

    lief dat je even bij me langs bent komen spacen…je hebt een meertalen space gaaf hoor!!! zo trek je meerdere spacers vanuit allerlei landen..ik kom je nog een fijne week toewensen knufs tasja

  14. neat stuff : click

  15. (¨`·.·´¨)(¨`·.·´¨).¸.(¨`·.·´¨)(¨`·.·´`·. ¸.·´ `·.¸.·´`.·´¨) `·.¸Hugs hugs hugs to you and yours(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨) `·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)..·´ `·.¸.·´With love♥From♥Yolanda♥